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celebrate friends and fans – 2011

Fridays are for celebrating Stance Friends and Fans. I encourage you to visit their facebook page, website or place of business and tell Stance about your experience with them.


Novo Coffee is a wholesale coffee roasting company headquartered in Denver. As their name suggests, Novo Coffee was created with a goal of bringing new life to the coffee industry. It is their aim to promote the world of specialty coffee through the meticulous selection, roasting, brewing, and presentation of what they feel are some of the most distinctive and flavorful coffees available in today’s marketplace.

Novo’s goal is to reintroduce you to coffee. For starters, coffee didn’t originate in a European cafe amidst writers, lovesick poets, and starving artists. It comes from Ethiopia, where coffee is called Bunna, pronounced “BOON-NUH” in their native language of Amharic.

They say there is a little bit of science in every art and a little bit of art in every science. Nowhere is that more true than inside the Novo roastery. They strive to keep a foot in the past by connecting to origin, and supporting the communities that start their beans on their path to your cup. They also keep an eye to the future, developing roasting and brewing techniques that challenge convention and dramatically improve your coffee experience.
From sourcing some of the most unique and flavorful coffees in the world to roasting them in small batches in their 1960’s custom rebuilt Vittoria roasters to finally serving them in coffee bars, restaurants and homes, they live in the spirit of constant improvement in all aspects of our process.

Want to see for yourself? Give them a call to arrange an on site coffee cupping! 303-295-7678.



If you have had an experience with Novo Coffee, please share it here. If not, visit them today. I look forward to hearing about it and sharing your experience with other Stance Friends and Fans.