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celebrate friends and fans – 2011

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Fridays are for celebrating Stance Friends and Fans. I encourage you to visit their facebook page, website or place of business and tell Stance about your experience with them.


Earth Force envisions a nation where young people from all walks of life are actively making positive change to the environment at their schools, in their neighborhoods, and in partnership with their communities.
Their Mission Statement:
Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future.

At Earth Force, they are passionate about young people finding their voice while assuming leadership roles in solving local environmental problems. They are dedicated to:

:  Revolutionizing the way adults work with young people.
:  Championing the role of young people in their communities.
:  Building cutting-edge environmental service-learning programs that put youth in the driver’s seat around addressing local issues.

Earth Force believes that real change happens in communities when stakeholders come together to form a common agenda. Earth Force brings together school districts, community based organizations, corporations, communities of faith and institutions of higher education to create such a coordinated effort to engage young people.
They bring together partners to transform how communities educate and engage young people around environment issues. Together, Earth Force and their partners stimulate opportunities for young people living in low-income communities to engage in real problem solving around environmental issues in their communities.

If you have had an experience with Earth Force, please share it here. If not, visit them today. I look forward to hearing about it and sharing your experience with other Stance Friends and Fans