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celebrate friends and fans – 2011

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Fridays are for celebrating Stance Friends and Fans. I encourage you to visit their facebook page, website or place of business and tell Stance about your experience with their product or service. If you have already interacted with the featured Friday Stance Friend or Fan and have a story to share, please do.


Culinary Connectors was launched on November 15, 2008 by its president, Becky Creighton, to share the love, passion and excitement of Denver’s culinary world.
Joining a Culinary Connectors tour is like stepping into the comfortable kitchen of a talented good friend. Experience excellence at the elbow of award-winning chefs in a small intimate group where pomp and pretense is replaced with genuine laughter shared over delicious details and tasty tidbits of expert information. Taste your way across Colorado’s complex cultural heritage from its high-stepping international recognition down to its home-spun roots and warm hearth.

Why Culinary Connectors:

-Learn where to find the freshest seasonal, local and organic produce
-Taste and sample, pair wines, learn the whys-and-hows
-Discover the gourmet shops and local artisans frequented by top chefs
-Sample from purveyors in quaint neighborhoods off the beaten path
-Learn how to meld regional influences into a recipe to make it uniquely yours
-Delight in “backstage access” and candid conversations
-Learn the treasured ingredients that elevate a dish from edible to indelible
-Feed your mind and body, nourish your foodie soul

Culinary Connectors provides behind the scenes culinary tours to Denver, Boulder and Aspen top restaurants, gourmet shops and ethnic markets. Visit for a tour calendar and details.


If you have had the pleasure of experiencing a Culinary Connectors tour, please share your experience. If not, visit them today. I look forward to hearing about it and sharing your experience with other Stance Friends and Fans.