our methods:

The CEM journey ensures that all employees consistently deliver the company values, mission, and brand promise in a way that ensures positive client interactions. Faithful followers who stick to the trail receive numerous rewards, including retention of current customers, referrals to new customers, and higher profit margins. This path is well-traveled by large corporations…but why should they have all the fun? Stance aims to introduce smaller companies to the benefits of CEM through our comprehensive, five-point methodology.

1: DEFINE your brand promise by stating exactly what customers can expect from their experience with your company, marking potential sparkpoints along the way. Why is this important? Defining a brand promise lets your business speak directly to the needs of your most profitable customers.

2: IDENTIFY your customers with the most significant buying power; pinpoint their key values and expectations. Why is this important? Identifying and listening to your target audience enables your business to articulate the needs, expectations, and intentions of multiple customer groups.

3: DESIGN the optimal customer experience by deconstructing the brand promise and illustrating the sparkpoints that support it. Why is this important? Streamlining practices, lowering costs, and improving customer experience all pave the path to operational excellence.

4: COMMUNICATE your customers’ expectations, your brand promise, and your staff’s role in delivering the desired experience…over and over again. Why is this important? Communicating a shared vision of the optimal customer experience puts everyone in your organization on the same page; happy employees make happy customers.

5: MEASURE the leading indicators that drive loyalty. Why is this important? Taking stock of past performance confirms whether your company successfully delivers the desired customer experience and also highlights areas for improvement.