about stance:

Stance was sparked by a rare mixture of frustration and curiosity. As a self-described “experience junkie,” founder Sarah Gore soon discovered that excellent customer service is rapidly headed for extinction. Confounded by the disconnect between merchant and patron, she knew there must be a way to align their individual interests. Her exploration into the intriguing realm of CEM ensued.

Sixteen years of experience as a marketing expert for new home builders, plus a strong foundation in public relations, gives Sarah a unique window onto the world of owner/client transactions. As an intermediary between builders and buyers, she mapped the intricate process of marketing, selling, and purchasing new homes on a daily basis (and became a “professional listener” along the way). Stance is, ultimately, the embodiment of Sarah’s passion for defining and enabling exceptional customer experiences.

Company Values

1: Deliver the truth with integrity
2: Exude passion and professionalism
3: Collaborate with like-minded individuals
4: Commit thoroughly to client satisfaction

Mission Statement

Stance improves business results and profits for organizations by helping their patrons transition from satisfied users, to loyal customers, to business advocates.


Stance strives to connect and align the employee, the customer, and the organization.

Brand Promise

Stance aims to make perception a reality.