celebrate stance friends and fans

Fridays are for celebrating Stance Friends and Fans. I encourage you to visit their facebook page, website or place of business and tell Stance about your experience with their product or service. If you have already interacted with the featured Friday Stance Friend or Fan and have a story to share, please do.


Today we celebrate Eric Elkins, author, business owner, dad, single man about town and lover of food and drink.
Eric lives in Denver with his super-cool daughter and his super-annoying cat. He used to be a scientist…he used to be a cook in restaurants…he was once an elementary school teacher…then he was a youth content editor at The Denver Post..

Now he has his own company where he plays on his computer all day. At WideFoc.us, he specializes in helping businesses with social media tools like blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter. He also writes about being a single dad at DatingDad.com. And don’t forget his book Ray, reflected, a young adult/middle grades novel based in Santa Cruz, CA.

You can find Eric a number of ways. Connect with Eric. Buy his book. Pick his brain. Enjoy a perfect martini. He has something to offer everyone.


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